Agile Requirements

No matter what kind of software development lifecycle you use, requirements are typically one of the most challenging aspects. Agile doesn’t make requirements go away. It just changes when and how often. Rather than all up front, it happens incrementally throughout the project. Vital Text Systems can supply the knowledge and skills needed to make this a smooth transition and an effective design approach.

Problem: Questions You Need Answered, Issues Holding You Back

  • How do we scale Agile requirements to work for large products and programs?
  • We don’t know how to effectively specify Agile requirements
  • Our requirements practices are tailored to waterfall projects. How do we become more Agile?

Solution: What’s Included in the Consulting

  • Define your business requirements
  • Create product backlogs
  • Introduce Agile requirements practices like user stories or use cases, and facilitate organization-wide adoption
  • Help regulated industries adopt Agile requirements practices

Results: Skills/Knowledge You Will Gain, Deliverables/Documentation You Will Receive

  • Understanding of how requirements work will occur
  • Selection of the most appropriate Agile requirements techniques
  • Deployment of new practices or fine-tuning of existing approaches
  • Implementation of user stories, use cases, user scenarios, UML models, and more