Case Studies

I have a dream

A Vital Text Systems employee was retained to assist with the rollout of the infrastructure of a new major league baseball stadium.  The existing IT staff was completely consumed running the day-to-day business of the team and the existing stadium.  They needed competent senior management to lead the planning and deployment efforts of completely new technology and infrastructure.  The project included: all new fiber optic communications, cabling and connections for all ticket offices located around the stadium perimeter; interface development to the Major League Baseball network; and, standing up all servers and systems to support the team for the future.

Delivery was accomplished through careful planning with the existing business operations and management of a number of subcontracting organizations to deliver on each necessary component.  The night before the first pitch of the new season and the new stadium, Vital Text Systems leadership was finishing up the final touches.  Game day arrived with the entire system completely tested and running on all stations.  The dream was realized as the executive team was able to experience their dream of a brand new multi-million stadium in full operation with absolutely no issues on game day.

C9 transforms nightmares into dreams

Vital Text Systems leadership engaged with a major vendor of medical systems to grow their competency in Requirements Engineering.  Success had provided the company with a number of opportunities to create new hardware / software integration solutions. The company grew quickly from a single system manufacturer to an entire laboratory information system with growing numbers of instruments.

Systems engineering was easier when they were small and everyone was aware of all the effort engaged to deliver one or even three systems in parallel.  As they grew though they began to see that broader competencies were needed.   Vital Text Systems staff members joined the company to engage a Requirements Engineering initiative.  The initiative was realized through development of a rigorous training program.  To lead the many software and product engineers and scientists who progressed through the Requirements Engineering training a team of Business Analysts was formed.  Vital Text Systems staff worked with the analysts to develop strong ISO and regulatory processes and operating procedures to make the growth of the companies R & D organizations successful as they learned the new competencies necessary to build large integrated systems. Using the new processes, competencies and training the company released over five new instrument systems in just under three years. Their stock value soared from $30/share to over $85.  That’s living the Dream!

Living the dream

When best laid plans run away it’s best to call in the systems engineering experts. Vital Text Systems leadership took on the roll of leading development of an existing system when a single release was deployed that failed in the field.  Not only did the new release function poorly with several major defects but after it was installed the customer could not revert to the previous system without many staff hours of labor to rebuild data lost during the upgrade.
To make matters worse the dream that became the nightmare was the fact that the company was a young company in the banking business executing on the dream of it’s exit strategy as a start-up.  They were engaged in serious buyout negotiations.   The suitor demanded the nightmare be mitigated before they would move forward with final negotiations.
Vital Text Systems leadership entered the problem at the invitation of others who had employed them in the past.  A plan was developed which engaged over $150,000 of investment and many late night hours to re-engineer the errant solution, test it in a brand new state of the art test center and release early stage versions all within a four month period.
The existing management team was skeptical that Vital Text Systems leadership could achieve such aggressive results.  The nightmare provided plenty of sleepless nights for everyone.  In the morning of the planned delivery the sun came out and the monsters of the night were vanquished.  The new system was deployed to first 50 then 250 and finally all customers. It was a major advancement in performance and usability with few defects in the final weeks of testing.
The dream was realized when the buyout was consummated and Vital Text Systems was proud to achieve their plans as always.