I have a dream

Yes, the Cloud 9 team has a Dream… of fixing the language problem. The language problem research identifies as responsible for up to 40 – 50% of defects inserted during the Requirements Engineering stage.


We’ve all SEEN it…and NOW Cloud 9 research created our Language Analysis Service to turn flimsy, defect causing, ambiguous, tin text into iron clad, linguistically hardened requirements text.

C9 transforms nightmares into dreams

It is rarely ever too early or too late to right-a-ship. Cloud 9 teams face challenges straight on and find the silver lining in every storm.

Cloud 9 successfully rights ships floundering from the “classic” mistakes of Systems Engineering. We leverage our experience with success to correct the missteps, mistakes, and development frustration and turn salvage into GOLD for our clients.

Living the dream

Cloud 9 Software Engineering leadership is no stranger to success. We manage software teams to deliver highly successful systems in companies ranging from start-ups to major corporations like IBM, NASA, Citrix and City of Chicago.

Teams built by Cloud 9 know what it takes to create Systems Engineering solutions that meet the desired outcome at financial and schedule plans. We also provide Training and Requirements Engineering analysis to bring our success through the doorways of others.