Vital Text Training Overview

What will I Learn from the Courses?

Misunderstanding requirements often result in Product Development errors (See section below). C9 courses provide:

  • Ground-breaking proprietary C9 Linguistic Expertise to reduce communications issues leading to delays and defects
  • A thorough and practical understanding of Agile and Requirements training.
  • A Practical, Thorough, Hands on, and Engaging format, with highly effective exercises

Our courses produce IT development teams equipped to accelerate time-to-market for new applications (IT) and products through enhanced understanding of the specification for new product or applications development.

Click here to find out how misunderstanding requirements leads to product development errors.

Who should attend?

Vital Text course participants are IT or Product team principal stakeholders – usually the Business Analyst, Sr. Software Engineer and Sr. Test Engineer. In order to teach the principle stakeholders the major tenets of communicating requirements most effectively, we highly recommend that the principle stakeholders attend the course together.

Our Instructors:

We specialize in providing insight into applying the Requirements, Communication and Agile methods. Vital Text Systems instructors have decades of experience with Requirements, Agile, Communications and Linguistics.  In addition, our instructors also receive Communications and Linguistics training to qualify to lead this course. Course evaluation scores from over 300 attendees of Vital Text courses average 4.8 on a 5.0 point scale. Our première instructors, possess many years experience as senior level managers of software engineering and IT at start ups, large enterprises, and governmental agencies.

View More Details About the Courses:

Requirements Engineering Course

Waterfall and other “best practice” topics expected in excellent development and management courses.

Clear Requirements Communications Course

Clear Communications that overcome many misunderstandings, errors and slow-downs in software engineering.

Agile Methods Course

Agile Methods and other “best practice” topics expected in excellent development and management courses.

The Best of Agile and Plan-Driven Methods Course

Any combination of the three individual courses; for details see the specific course outlines.