Requirements Engineering Course

What will I learn from this course?

Development teams become far better equipped to reduce the time and cost of delivering new products both for internal and external customers, utilizing the following training experience:

  1. Requirements Engineering practices and other “best practice” topics expected in excellent development and management courses.
  2. An overview of ground-breaking cognitive and linguistics science that help stakeholders and delivery teams avoid many misunderstandings, errors and slow-downs.
  3. Linguistic techniques to support comprehension in communication of stakeholder Requirements, and the more predictable delivery of new products.
  4. Practical exercises to reinforce major topics.

Click here to find out how misunderstanding requirements leads to product development errors.

Click here for Ambiguities found in a Sample Requirements Document

Course Agenda: Requirements Engineering Course

Day 1 Requirements Engineering (8 hrs)

Course Introductions

  • Texts, Course process, Participant goals
  • Handout reviews

Communications Concepts Overview

  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Principle Stakeholder Teams
  • Producer Consumer Communications
  • Ontologies, Categories and Concept Dictionaries
  • Communication across Principle Stakeholders

Requirements Concepts

Requirements Elicitation

  • Vision and Scope; Need, Goals and Objectives; Concepts of Operation  
  • Product Roadmap / Agile Framework
  • Roadmap to User Story progression
  • Use Cases
  • Diagrams and Analysis tools
  • Requirements  Allocation

Writing Requirements

  • Characteristics of excellent requirements

Requirements Management

  • Managing Change in Requirements

Process and Continuous Improvement

  • Process, Metrics, Analysis, Continuous Improvement

Closing Statements and Summations

  • Attendee thoughts and summations
  • Anonymous Course evaluations

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