Project Assessment

When projects aren’t going smoothly, the focus can become delivery at all costs – including poor quality. It’s critical to find out where the bottlenecks are or predict where they will be. Vital Text Systems identifies the high-risk problem areas. Then we provide workable recommendations focused on helping you achieve your improvement goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Problem: Questions You Need Answered, Issues Holding You Back

  • We have a project that’s veering off course and we need to get it back on track.
  • How can we know if the project will deliver on time, on budget, and with the expected functionality?
  • Will our product scale to meet the needs of our growing customer base?
  • How far do we have to go before we can deliver a high quality, fully functional software product?

Solution: What’s Included in the Consulting

  • Provide self-assessment materials to collect pertinent information that will be used in our assessment
  • Review and analyze your work products (estimates, project plans, designs, standards, source code, test cases) to create a set of preliminary focus issues to guide the interview process
  • Conduct onsite interviews with select personnel
  • Provide incremental findings and preliminary copies of the assessment report for your consideration and input
  • Work together to craft a report with actionable recommendations for the changes necessary to achieve your business goals
  • Onsite report to present to your company executives our findings and recommendations for change

Results: Skills/Knowledge You Will Gain, Deliverables/Documentation You Will Receive

  • Complete, detailed assessment report
  • Identification of risks and issues that may stand in the way of successful project completion
  • Observations on your project’s strengths to make sure our recommendations don’t interfere with what your project team is doing well
  • Evaluation of your project’s weaknesses