System Evaluation

The best way to begin a conversation about solutions is to honestly look at the challenges at hand.  Vital Text Systems is structured to rapidly build teams to address challenges of Systems Engineering.  To this end, we will provide training, consulting, and system development teams and team members.  The following are some of the common situations our clients face and some of the questions we will answer in our evaluation.

Does your System and Team capability and quality align with your business goals?

Here are some scenarios that a Vital Text Systems evaluation is appropriate:

  • Is the system scalable?  Will your system architecture support your growth?
  • Are you facing problems in the maintenance and extensibility of your software or hardware to meet the customer needs?
  • Is a project you are working on at-risk? Is the system state a mystery to you?

Our team uses a combination of tool analysis, reviews of code and other materials, and interviews with key team members to characterize risk. Subsequent to our evaluation we provide feedback for strengthening your system development needs.

We are experienced at answering questions across a broad range of systems:

  • Comparison against best in class practices for build, test, deployment, and maintenance issue.
  • Characterizing the risks to modifying the system to support new functionality
  • Identifying potential weaknesses in performance and scalability
  • Providing an independent viewpoint on the tradeoffs made to meet business constraints
  • Risks to internationalization, portability, or other specific questions regarding localization.
  • Exposure of potential security risks

Looking to improve your software?

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