System Design & Development

The quality of your system design WILL and DOES impact your bottom line. Any system design and construction that lacks maintainability, scalability, performance, or reliability and many other factors can cause serious problems. Vital Text Systems has broad expertise and and can help lessen risks that may be present “under the hood” of your System.

Vital Text Systems helps organizations answer questions such as:

  • How maintainable is our software/hardware?
  • Does our automated testing adequately support an Agile lifecycle?
  • Will the system perform and scale to meet our business needs?
  • Are we using best in class practices in the construction and design of our Systems?

We conduct technical reviews of software systems and can help in the following ways:

  • Due Diligence. Assessing design, code, and development risks for software being acquired.
  • System Evaluations. We make sure that software design and code supports your business vision.

Are design, code, or technical challenges an issue? Check out our main Vital Text Systems site today.