Who is Vital Text Systems?

Vital Text Systems offers innovative tools and services to enhance text communication quality.  With expertise in clear communication that speeds top quality products to market with diminished error rates, Vital Text Systems offers training, requirements text language evaluation, and consulting.

Our service organization recently delivered a new patent-pending, ground-breaking Requirements Engineering text processing solution to reduce requirements errors and speed time-to-market through clearer expression of concepts.

Click here to Learn More about how the new service ensures a clear, common understanding of new product requirements in both Agile and plan-driven settings with our proprietary cognitive and linguistics knowledge capability.

What benefit does a Vital Text Systems customer experience?

Customers achieve impressive gains in software engineering efficiency while reducing software engineering effort, rework, and servicing costs.

What are Vital Text Systems achievements to date?

Vital Text Systems is one of only 14 selected companies invited to the prestigious business accelerator Top Gun program for 2013. The program is offered by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development.  Vital Text Systems is also one of the few companies supported by the University of Southern Maine, Campus Ventures program. This program provides high quality resources and talent for research and development projects in return for participation in generated Intellectual Property rights.  In addition, the company developed and filed a major patent application for a completely new concept management service, a major step forward for development teams to speed the right products to market with diminished error rates.

What are the Vital Text Systems service offerings?

Vital Text Systems offers Training, Requirements Language Analysis and Consulting.

TrainingVital Text Systems provides courses that train IT and product delivery teams to significantly reduce software engineering defects.  Current courses include:

Requirements Language EvaluationEnhance IT Development Team Understanding of Requirements to decrease software engineering defects . The proprietary Vital Text Systems Concept Characteristics Management System (CCMS) product detects multiple forms of weak requirements language and provides recommendations to enhance the clarity of requirements. Learn More About Our Secure Free Trial

Consulting Services – Vital Text Systems staff are available to speed product development in all phases, with highly effective, unique solutions for requirements engineering and cross discipline communications (eg. Between Marketing and Technical).

How does Vital Text Systems provide the experience?

Vital Text Systems’ team of product development, linguistics and software professionals provide solutions to inspire teams to complete requirements engineering work with extreme accuracy. We provide actionable insights to managers while stimulating employee communication and understanding.